How Can Iontophoresis Help To Prevent Excessive Sweating?


No one likes to be sweaty, wet and smelly all the time. It lowers our self-esteem and makes us conscious when people are standing next to you. It can even cause a person to withdraw from social interactions. Excess sweating can occur due to various reasons such as hypertension, low blood sugar, anemia, etc. Electro Antiperspirant can help you solve all your sweat related issues. The link explains in detail about the popular Iontophoresis treatment used for treating sweat issues.

In this treatment, electric current will be applied to your skin in a very small amount to the places where the sweat glands are located. If you have sweaty palms, taking Iontophoresis in small amounts can help you reduce the excess sweat. You will have to continue the treatment in sessions so that the excessive sweating can stop completely. Since the electric volts used in this treatment is quite less, there will not be any side effects of electricity. You will be only feeling a soft tingling sensation and by the time the session gets over you will be used to the tingling and will not feel it in the next sessions. The rechargeable batteries that are the regular AA batteries are used in the electro antiperspirant which can provide the complete safety to you.

Get Rid Of The Smelly Odour!
Sweaty feet and the odor which get released from the excess sweat can turn off not only the person but also the people around them. The effects of the excessive sweating can be reduced with the help of deodorants, good shoes, and quality socks. However, you will not be able to get rid of the odor. Iontophoresis is capable enough to block the overactive sweat glands, and this can help in curing the cold, sweaty feet. If you can take the Iontophoresis treatment once in every 14 days, then you will be able to stop the over activeness of the sweat glands.

Sweaty Armpits!
Another issue that is faced by many people is the excessive sweat in the armpit. It is quite annoying and turns off people especially during summer seasons. A person having the issue of excessive armpit sweating faces the same problem in all seasons. The best solution, in this case, is also in the form of an Electro Antiperspirant. Just like in the case of excessive palm and feet sweating, a very light volt of electricity will be passed to the sweat glands and prevents them from producing more sweat. You will have to take the treatment for some time so that the sweating does not come back.

Sweat On Face
A sweaty face is one of the most problematic of the lot as it gets noticed fast. Usually, excess sweat is produced in the forehead area and around the nose. When you are stressed, it is one of the body’s techniques to release the pressure through sweating. However, the situation can get worse if your palms and feet also start to sweat. This can make social interactions difficult. With the help of Electro Antiperspirant, you will be able to reduce the facial sweating as the sweat glands will get controlled by the device. This medical device has been made with utmost care, it can wipe off all your sweat related issues magically.

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