Why Buying A Used Car Is A Smart Decision

Buying a car apparently turns out to be the second most expensive purchase you make, the first being buying a new home. To balance your love for good cars and expense is not that easy as most would prefer to buy a new car rather than a used one. But buying a new one can turn out to be an unwanted expense as the slightly used vehicles give you the same experience without sacrificing on quality. Click here to browse for used cars. As per a survey conducted by www.autoblog.com, many users have expressed their confidence in the quality of pre-owned vehicles by certified dealers which helps them to save money as well as drive a good car. Listed below are benefits of buying a used car

Less depreciation of used car: When you buy a new fancy car, you are so happy. But the minute you drive it off the showroom, the value of the car depreciates by close to 20 percent. Subsequently, new cars depreciate more in the first year which means a loss of close to 30 percent to the initial cost of the vehicle. Buying a car which is a year old makes more sense as you pay close to 30 percent lesser than a brand new one. Though a one-year-old car is hard to find, you can look to buy a car which is two or three years old. A good used car depreciates at a much slower pace than a new one and hence can be bought and sold off at a handsome price when you no longer feel like using this car

Lesser taxes and other fees: Many laws of the state make it mandatory to pay sales tax for new cars. That means a new car price will have sales tax amount added to the overall cost of the vehicle irrespective of what those companies advertise. The same cannot be said about used cars as there will be no sales tax, the previous buyer would have already paid this fee.
The registration fees that you have to pay every year for the car is based on the model and the car value. This payment falls after the car is a few years old, with the fee being highest in the first two years. Therefore, you save a lot of money on registration as well as random costs that you have to pay for a new car.

More value for money: You may not be able to buy your dream car new due to its high price, but the same model which is a few years old may be in your budget. Moreover, cars these days are manufactured to last longer than before, hence even if the vehicle has been driven around for many miles, it still has a lot of juice in it. You can safely invest in a car which is a few years old and drive it around confidently without thinking of a car breakdown.

If you are worried about the quality of the used cars, buy a certified pre-owned vehicle which will have a guarantee similar to the new car. That means used vehicles will meet the standards set by car manufacturers.

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